Build on Your Own Lot

We'll build your dream home on your dream lot

Location, Location, Location

We want to build your dream home! The Berry Homes difference can be summarized in one word: You. Lonnie Berry has spent 2 decades honing his craft by building custom homes in locations throughout Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. 

When you’re ready to build the home you’ve been dreaming about in the place you want to live, he’s just the person you’ll want to meet. The first thing we will do is get to know you and discuss all aspects of your new home. How do you envision it now, and how do you expect your needs to change in the future? We’ll provide the kind of personal attention your dream home deserves.

And we’ll ensure a commitment to excellence and a dedication to your satisfaction that you won’t find anywhere else.

We will manage the construction process with a focus on quality control and use our industry relationships to negotiate volume pricing on materials. We will complete your home on time and on budget and build above industry standards as we are also an ENERGY STAR builder. At Berry Homes, we’re building dreams (and relationships)…for Life.

Financing Your Home

Purchasing a home represents the biggest financial investment that many people will make. At Berry Homes, we recognize that the mortgage process can be, at times, overwhelming and stressful.

That’s why we try to make financing your home as trouble free as possible. From associating with one of the finest lenders in the country to walking with you through every step of the process, Berry Homes is dedicated to making your mortgage process as smooth as it can be. We will even work with you to boost your credit and help you realize your dreams of owning your own home.

The Construction Process

Our goal is to make this complex process as simple (and fun!) as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

🤔 Pre-Construction Planning – Developing house plans and making interior/exterior selections

✅ 1. Permitting – Including drawing plans and submitting specs to the city/county permitting

🚧 2. Clearing the Lot – Additional fill dirt is added if needed

🏠 3. Layout of the Home – Batter boards for foundation are laid out, footers are dug

⬜ 4. Slab – Plumbing process is completed (requires inspection), soil is pretreated for termites, tamp down dirt and lay down poly for moisture control, steel reinforcements placed (requires inspection), slab is poured

🚪 5. Framing – Material & scheduling may vary. Exterior walls, interior walls, roof rafters, roof decking, windows and exterior doors are put in place. Inspection is required once completed.

🚰 6. Plumbing & A/C – Insulated duct board is placed in attic as per engineered plan, all water inlets are stubbed to prepare for fixtures or valves. Inspection is required once completed.

⚡ 7. Electrical – Wiring is run and outlet boxes are set in place. Inspection is required once completed.

◼️ 8. Roofing – Felt paper and shingles applied

🧱 9. Brick or Stucco – Exteriors, insulation and sheet rock installed

🎨 10. Interior Trim – Interior doors and base boards installed, painted

🗄️ 11. Cabinets

🚽 12. Plumbing Trim Out – Sinks, faucets, toilets, dishwasher, disposal, water heater installed. Inspection is required once completed.

❄️ 13. A/C Trim Out – Setup outdoor unit and hookup entire system. Inspection is required once completed.

🔌 14. Electrical Trim Out – All fixtures hung and hooked up to breaker box, Insulation is blown. Inspection is required once completed.

🔲 15. Flooring – Carpet, tile, and other flooring is installed

🔧 16. Final Trim – Doorknobs and bath hardware installed, final painting is completed

✨ 17. Interior Clean

🏡 18. Landscaping

👀 19. Initial Walk-Thru – Allow 7 days between initial walk-thru and closing

🎉 20. Final Walk-Thru and Closing

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