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The first task in the loan process is the selection of a lender and completion of a mortgage application. This should be completed as soon as possible. Take the completed purchase agreement with you when you first visit your lender.

It is unlikely that a situation will arise, that your loan officer has not already encountered. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns that you have regarding your assets, income, or credit. It is the job of the lender to completely understand your financial circumstances. It is best that you disclose accurately and completely all of this information. Overlooked items or inaccurate data can cause delays or even totally stop the process of obtaining a loan.

Once all preliminary information has been given to your loan officer, verification forms will be sent to your employer(s), bank(s), and current mortgage company or landlord. A credit report and appraisal of the property will be ordered. Your lender will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate, which lists the costs you will incur in financing your new home, and a Truth-in-Lending Disclosure which indicates the Annual Percentage rate, finance charges and monthly payment.

It normally takes several weeks for these reports and forms to be returned to the mortgage company. If any delays are encountered, the loan officer may contact you for assistance or you may be asked to write letters regarding your assets, income, or credit. Please remember that your mortgage company requests this information to assist you in obtaining your financing and your prompt response is key to moving past issues.

If at any point you have concerns about anything in the process, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your Loan Officer or Sales Coordinator.Perhaps they can provide some additional insight on what may seem to be petty and redundant requests. Once all contingencies are met, final loan approval can be obtained.
During the entire loan process, the Sales Coordinator will be in contact with you and providing information regarding the progress of construction on your new home. Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

Information Needed at Time of Loan Application

✅ Copy of accepted earnest money contract (sales contract).

✅ Last 3 statements on all checking, savings, investments, etc.

✅ A copy of last two years income tax return including all W2’s

✅ Copies of previous month’s pay stub(s). Must be 30 full days.

✅ Copy of driver’s license & social security card

✅ Copy of Resident Alien Card

✅ Letter of Explanation for Derogatory Credit

✅ DD214 -Veterans’ Service Record ( if applicable)

✅ Copy of divorce decree (if applicable).

✅ Copy of Bankruptcy papers with discharge (if applicable)

✅ Copies of complete Individual and Corporate Tax Returns (if self-employed) along with Y-T-D income statement, a letter from CPA verifying two years in business and a current profit and loss statement. Tax returns need to be signed by the borrowers.

✅ Additional information needed if refinancing existing mortgage:

     • Most recent mortgage statement to get a current payoff

     • Copy of survey if less than 10 yrs old and no improvements have been made

     • If present loan is FHA will need case number of existing loan

     • If refinancing with VA will need DD-214

     • Deed or Title to the property

     • Declaration page of the current insurance

     • Current Tax Statement

     • Original Closing Statement ( HUD 1)

✅ Alternative credit examples: Daycare, rent, auto insurance, car bought from individual or car lot, telephone bill, cell phone bills, electric bill, utility bill, saving account or payments made on a regular basis.

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